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Framed & Semi Frameless Showerscreens
To our valued customer.

We have prepared this sheet to give you some information on your shower screen and to help you gain maximum value from your purchase.

  • Showerscreen sections are manufactured to accommodate common angles. If your screen has unusual angles we can advise you on the best way to install your screen. Slight variances in angle are common and can usually be accommodated.
  • Very rarely is a tiled wall/floor dead level. Your tiler must allow for adequate fall within the shower recess. We will endeavour to manufacture and install your shower screen allowing for these variances, however at times we may need to make use of angle, wall jamb or a larger silicone bead to allow us some play for adjustment. We will advise you on the best method for installation.
  • Your shower screen will be framed in aluminium with either a powdercoat or anodised finish. Powdercoat finish (painted) can be buffed using a suitable agent to remove light scratches and marks. Anodised finish (etched and polished), scratches cannot be buffed satisfactory. Light scratches up to 5mm are deemed acceptable. Mill lines may be apparent.
  • The glass used in your shower screen is an A-Grade safety glass as required by law. Most times a framed screen will be glazed with laminated safety glass. The Semi-frameless screen is glazed with toughened (tempered) glass. Toughened tempered glass can sometimes be bowed, this is due to the manufacturing process. 1mm of bow per 200mm of lineal length is allowable within the Australian standard. Any bow will not reduce the strength of your glass.
  • A shower screen is not a fish tank. Expect some water to escape your shower recess.
  • Waterproof protrusion must be accommodated to enable a proper seal. We will advise you what is possible and the best method of installation of your shower screen. We have found liasing with the tiler prior to installation can achieve the best result.
  • Silicone sealing is carried out to both sides of your showerscreen during installation. It is very important that your screen is not moved or used for at least 24 hours after sealing. This will ensure a proper curing of the silicone. Silicone will not adhere to concrete grout, some seepage can occur.

Caring for Your Showerscreen

  • Glass:
    Your showerscreen is glazed with A-Grade Safety Glass but it can be damaged by hard knocks or very hot water directly pointing at the glass. Glass should be cleaned regularly with a professional glass cleaner such as GHS glass cleaner or a mild detergent with water. Always dry the glass after cleansing with a grit free squeegee, cloth or paper towel. A micro fibre cleaning cloth such as Enjo is also very effective (chemical cleaners are not necessary with micro fibre cloths).
  • Glass Protective Coating:
    Enduro Shield is a permanent protective coating for showerscreens and most glass surfaces. It is an invisible coating that repels water, soap scum and grime, allowing for easier cleaning, less often. For further information please contact Clear Image Glass and Showerscreens.
  • Frames:
    A damp cloth or a micro fibre cloth used regularly is normally sufficient for cleaning your frame. Powdercoated frames can be polished using a mild cleanser such as Jiff to remove scuff marks. Anodised frames (bright silver/gold) can be cleaned using GHS Glass Cleaner.
  • Doors:
    Pivot doors require no ongoing maintenance. If the door drops in any way please contact us immediately for adjustment. Sliding doors should be pushed/pulled from the centre of the door height. Never grease the top track in a sliding door unit, this will clog up the rollers.

Enduro Shield
Enduro Shield is a product we sell to the public. This product was created because of the busy lifestyles that people lead. Application of this product to your shower screen and you will reduce your cleaning time by up to 90%. This product can also be applied to your balcony rails, mirrors and car windscreen. If you wish to learn more about this product you can demonstrate by clicking on of the Enduro Shield Links on our products page.

Please contact us if further assistance is needed.